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“Our mission at Lauts Exteriors LLC is to spread peace of mind one family at a time. This holds true for our customers, our suppliers, and our employees.”


Who We Are

A Family Tradition of Excellence

The Lauts family has been involved in construction since 1969 when Edwin Lauts ventured out on his own to start Lauts Components. Lauts Components manufactured custom roof trusses, wall panels, and floor trusses for local homebuilders, farmers and small business owners, and large chains like Taco Bell and Hardees. Edwin Lauts’ dedication to excellence filtered down to his son Dave Lauts in his carpentry business, and to Dave Lauts’ son Mark Lauts, Owner/Manager of Lauts Exteriors. The Lauts family’s devotion to providing superior products and excellent customer service has been around for decades and will continue for decades to come.